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What happens when the computers go down at Shake Shack?

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, you might be in the middle of placing your order for the first time. The grill is still hot...the meat still fresh & ready to cook. Your belly will still be hungry and the smell of fresh burgers and fries will smell better than ever. The show must go on.

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, a crowd of people will flood in the front doors, ready to place their order. The line will get longer and longer and the noise of chatter louder and louder.

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, a mini panic attack will cause not one, but three cashiers to say, I don’t know what to do! This has never happened before!!

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, you’ll have to wait a few minutes while they find carbon copy order slips packaged in cellophane, ballpoint pens, and manual credit card imprinters—all of which have no signs of ever being touched prior.

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, no one gets out their iPhone. As great and reliable it is—the iPhone (or Android) won’t be able to do much.

When the computers go down at Shake Shack, it’s pen and paper that save the day. Call me crazy, but out of all the technology invented by humans, it’s the pen and paper that STILL WORK when electronics go down. We turn to the pen and paper because it’s reliable, efficient, and faster than trying to troubleshoot the computer. It just works.

We turn to pen and paper because people need to eat, customers need to be served, people are getting anxious! We turn to pen and paper when we need to get things done, to serve one another, and carry on.

Based on a true experience. Thanks, Gammy, Drew, Mama Joy, and Hope ☺️

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