Don’t compose your messages in Slack

January 17, 2022

Pro tip: instead of writing your communication out in the app you use to send it, use a distraction-free app such as Apple Notes, Word, or Nisus to do the thinking. 

The same goes for your social media posts, email, critical texts, and anything that requires detail.

This has a few benefits:

No accidental deleting. Sometimes these apps accidentally delete what you wrote — making it very frustrating to re-type and think it! The website crashes, you accidentally close the window, the internet isn’t working properly, etc.

Distraction-free. Red dots with NEW messages appear while you’re trying to write, pulling you out of the zone. 

Autonomy. You don’t have to have the app open to draft your message. For instance, you don’t have to go to Facebook to write your social media post. You don’t have to be in your email app to write the message. This is beneficial because there are times that other apps don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

Knock them all out at once. Have you ever written an email and then someone replies while you’re working on the next piece of communication? If you write your message in a different app, you can write multiple messages of communication before you’re IN the app, making sure you don’t “forget” to send the other important messages once you’re in the stream of incoming messages.


Other tips:

Use your task manager. You can write your message to someone in the “notes” section of your task manager — and you can send the message later, at a more-optimal time. This also allows you to keep moving through your task manager instead of having to switch between processing and sending modes.

Get the draft going. Sometimes we procrastinate to write certain messages because we’re starting from scratch. By starting the draft in a different app, you can pause and come back to it before you hit send. How many times have you wished you could have thought more about your reply before sending it? This method helps with that.

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