Intro to Pocket Notebooks

May 23, 2020

The world of notebooks is full of endless possibilities, but today, we will take a look at the trusty and practical pocket notebook. Always ready to go with you whether in your pocket or not, these simple stacks of perfectly-cut paper and binding can allow you to capture creative thoughts, stay focused, and move forward in your life.

In this video, we look at a few notebooks you might consider in your pocket notebook journey. Here are links to the products mentioned.

Introduction to Pocket Notebooks with Josh Mitchell from Josh Mitch on Vimeo.

The classic Moleskine

You know it and love it. It’s iconic. I enjoy using my Moleskines from time to time. But they’re really the gateway notebook. If you enjoy using a Moleskine, it’s time to check out some other possibilities.
Classic Moleskine 3×5 192 pages – Amazon $12.87
Classic Moleskine 5×8 240 pages – Amazon $10.98

Field Notes

Field Notes are useful and practical. Their simplicity is the point. They’re lightweight. They’re no-nonsense. Made in the USA. High-quality materials.
Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack Graph Paper – Amazon $9.95
Field Notes: Original Kraft 3-Pack Mixed Paper – Amazon $9.95
Don’t forget to check out the Field Notes Website

Rite in the Rain: The pocket notebook perfected

I discovered Rite in the Rain at a local hardware store. They’re exactly what you’d expect with an added benefit: they’re waterproof. Very useful for to-do lists, notes, and daily reference material.
Rite in the Rain 3×5 (3 pack) Yellow – Amazon $14.15
Rite in the Rain 3×5 (3 pack) Tan – Amazon $11.97
Rite in the Rain 3×5 (3 pack) Black – Amazon $14.99

Classic Mead Notebooks

Sometimes a cheaper, lower-end notebook is perfect for catching thoughts you don’t want to put in a fancier notebook. This is why I love the Mead notebooks. You can capture messy handwriting here and your other notebooks don’t ever have to know.
Mead Memo Book Spiral 3×5 pack of 24 $19.75

Write Notepads (Made in Baltimore)

Made in Baltimore. Very high quality. I don’t always love the perfect binding but I love the company. They’ve expanded their product line and I think you will really enjoy checking out their stuff.
Write Notepads Website

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