Super Color Markers

What can be better than a Sharpie? Probably this. Amazon links Jumbo 12-count Black – $39 Fine 12-count Black – $13 Chisel point 12-count – $17 Jumbo Red Single Marker $7 Further resources to check out Wally’s Company Website Fast Company Article on Wally’s Business

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A look at the Time Timer

The Time Timer is a simple, easy-to-use timer that allows you to focus on your work and creativity. In this video, I explain who uses it and why you should consider adding it to your desk. Recommended book: Sprint This is the book where I

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Intro to Pocket Notebooks

The world of notebooks is full of endless possibilities, but today, we will take a look at the trusty and practical pocket notebook. Always ready to go with you whether in your pocket or not, these simple stacks of perfectly-cut paper and binding can allow

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Getting the RIGHT things done

Do you struggle getting the right things done? Do you find yourself playing catch up because you poured too much of your peak energy into something that could have waited? It happens to many creatives. You could use M.I.T. to be more productive.

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16 Lessons You Can Learn From Disney’s 2017 Fireworks Show

Disney has been regarded as a company businesses and organizations can learn from for years. Their commitment to excellence, people, and success provide valuable lessons to both free-agents and Fortune 500 companies. After watching behind-the-scenes footage of their new fireworks show, I couldn’t help but rewatch a few times.

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Resistance as positive evidence

When we encounter Resistance, we might get discouraged conclude that our idea or project is being rejected and a failure. We interpret Resistance as negative evidence. But what if we counted Resistance as positive evidence? Resistance is evidence that our idea just might stick… Resistance

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Dealing with Resistance

Anytime we do important work, we WILL face Resistance.  It is pretty much a guarantee.  People won’t like what we’re doing. They may even let us know (to our face). They’ll cheapen our hard efforts and make us feel bad. And a common tendency would be

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There will always be opposition

Have you ever encountered someone who doesn’t agree with your point of view or see things the same way you do? I’m sure you’ve experienced the tension that lies when you have an idea but know someone is going to challenge you. This is what

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Core principles

We all operate with a set of core principles and commitments. Some of us are aware of what they are, others haven’t defined them yet. Whether they’re written down and “defined” or not, they still exist. They just might be in the dark. A bright

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Behavior: getting from pointless to purposeful

Pointlessness. I hate it. Don’t you? I bet that you, just like me, have had pointless experiences. Pointless meetings. Pointless texts. Pointless phone calls. Pointless conversations. We can be tempted to say, “yeah, but even thru the pointless experiences, you can find meaning!” Or we

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Sustained focus is a competitive advantage

Today’s culture requires each of us to set personal boundaries to allow ourselves to focus on what we choose to focus. It’s harder than ever to focus In our day and age today, it’s harder than ever to focus. Not only do phones ping and

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