Super Color Markers

What can be better than a Sharpie? Probably this. Amazon links Jumbo 12-count Black – $39 Fine 12-count Black – $13 Chisel point 12-count – $17 Jumbo Red Single Marker $7 Further resources to check out Wally’s Company Website Fast Company Article on Wally’s Business SNL Behind The Scenes with Cue Cards

Intro to Pocket Notebooks

The world of notebooks is full of endless possibilities, but today, we will take a look at the trusty and practical pocket notebook. Always ready to go with you whether in your pocket or not, these simple stacks of perfectly-cut paper and binding can allow you to capture creative thoughts, stay focused, and move forward […]

Best Mac Apps – May 2020

I love the Mac and great apps. While researching and testing them can become a distraction, finding the best tools on the market allows me to go faster and stay focused. Here are some of the tools I’m using now and loving. New principle: The app must be OS-native Before we jump into the list, […]

The power of checklists

This may sound obvious, but it turns out that checklists are a super powerful tool for getting things right. I heard a great interview about the power of checklists in hospitals on NPR — if you’re interested check it out here: For each of our areas, I want us to think about creating some great […]

Some write, others talk

It can be easy to think that other people in your life learn and process things the same way you do. For some, writing is a great way to figure things out. It’s a process that allows a person to get their thoughts on a page, see if they agree with them, and make changes […]

“Excellence is your next email”

In an interview with Daniel Pink, leadership guru Tom Peters says “excellence is your next email.” Peters is known for saying, “Excellence is the next five minutes.” That’s true, too. The point of his comment is that it’s common to believe excellence is some huge kind of feat. In other words, our default is to […]