My Weekly Review Template

Taking an hour or so every week to unplug from doing turns out to be really hard. When I finally get the time to sit down to do a weekly review, I find myself jumping into quick tasks and catching up on work that has piled up throughout the week. This is why I have […]

Hard work vs. effortless work

Sometimes we resist taking a next step because a task is going to require hard work. Elbow grease. Effort. On the one hand, doing hard work is what we’re here for. Hard things are worth doing. High-capacity people like to take on projects that are challenging, complex, and multi-faceted. On the other hand, focusing on […]

Don’t compose your messages in Slack

Pro tip: instead of writing your communication out in the app you use to send it, use a distraction-free app such as Apple Notes, Word, or Nisus to do the thinking.  The same goes for your social media posts, email, critical texts, and anything that requires detail. This has a few benefits: No accidental deleting. Sometimes these apps […]

Resistance to a next action

Sometimes we experience resistance when we look at our options for work (next actions). The next action item on the to do list does NOT attract us and we’re making no forward movement. This is Resistance. (See The War of Art by Steven Pressfield) But what if there’s a hidden project or goal that would excite and attract […]

Intro to Pocket Notebooks

The world of notebooks is full of endless possibilities, but today, we will take a look at the trusty and practical pocket notebook. Always ready to go with you whether in your pocket or not, these simple stacks of perfectly-cut paper and binding can allow you to capture creative thoughts, stay focused, and move forward […]