Benefits of listening to music while you work

Listening to the right music while working has been a tremendous productivity booster for me over the past few years. I have found myself more focused, energized, and optimistic—which allows me to get more done—and keeps me feeling relaxed and present.

While I understand there are musical anhedonics (people who are completely unaffected by music), a 2014 study shows that “the vast majority of human populations find [music] pleasurable.” (Mas-Herrero et al., Current Biology)

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The Best Pens for Writing in the Bible

If you’re afraid to write in your Bible, don’t worry. That’s normal. For years, I couldn’t fathom marking up “THE BIBLE” but I’m convinced it’s the best way to read.

Marking up the text keeps my concentration high. I can see connections more clearly and my focus stays on the page, instead of Twitter or Facebook. When you’re ready to write in your Bible, you may notice “typical pens” will either rip the page, or bleed through, making the opposite page hard to read. That’s why I purchased a set of Micron .20mm pens.

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The Job Security Myth

I do not believe in job security. Yes, creating income is part of being an adult—but there’s a myth that you need to secure a “real job” to take care of your family and future.

I am writing this post for people who believe they need to work a horrible job, or get a “real job”—instead of doing things they really want to do. If you love your job, you’re probably willing to put up with some of the ‘crap’ that comes with every job. If you hate your job and wish you had more joy working, check this out.

When I say “real job,” I’m talking about the typical jobs accepted by society. Accountants, doctors, teachers and engineers are all jobs people “approve of” if brought up in conversation. They’ll always be needed and pay enough to make a living. (supposedly)

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