Who are you learning from?

Here’s a ques­tion for you to con­sid­er: Who are you learn­ing from?

For our roles in our lives, each of us should be able to point to a per­son or group we are learn­ing from. It is excit­ing and hum­bling to think that we are prob­a­bly not the first peo­ple to encounter the issues we are facing—so why not see how oth­ers have dealt with the same stuff?

We live in an incred­i­ble time where there are more free arti­cles (if you like read­ing), pod­casts (if you like lis­ten­ing), and videos (if you like watch­ing) to help us grow. Some­times, you have to take what you learn with a grain of salt, but if it helps you think, then it may be worth it. 

  • Are you seek­ing out new ways how to do stuff? 
  • Are you see­ing what cur­rent trends are work­ing for oth­er lead­ers?
  • Do you have a desire to want to learn new stuff?