Managing your negative inner voice

  It’s 6:55 am. You just woke up and realize you have a meeting at 7:30 am and agreed to grab coffee for your coworkers. The line at the drive-thru is always wrapped around the building by 7:00 am and the slow barista is probably working today, but you think you can make it. You […]

Resistance as positive evidence

When we encounter Resistance, we might get discouraged conclude that our idea or project is being rejected and a failure. We interpret Resistance as negative evidence. But what if we counted Resistance as positive evidence? Resistance is evidence that our idea just might stick… Resistance is evidence that our art isn’t for everyone… Resistance is […]

How to kill distractions

Main point: Killing distractions is hard, but achievers can kill distractions by focusing on the outcome they desire, which actively destroys other inputs through realizing what’s at stake. You and I know we have the ability to be focused and attentive, yet it’s easy to get derailed from a feeling of progress. While a webpage […]