The Job Security Myth

I do not believe in job security. Yes, creating income is part of being an adult—but there’s a myth that you need to secure a “real job” to take care of your family and future.

I am writing this post for people who believe they need to work a horrible job, or get a “real job”—instead of doing things they really want to do. If you love your job, you’re probably willing to put up with some of the ‘crap’ that comes with every job. If you hate your job and wish you had more joy working, check this out.

When I say “real job,” I’m talking about the typical jobs accepted by society. Accountants, doctors, teachers and engineers are all jobs people “approve of” if brought up in conversation. They’ll always be needed and pay enough to make a living. (supposedly)

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Who cares

Leaders, creatives, and writers like you often get stuck. Frozen. Not sure what to do next. You’re unclear why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your head isn’t in its usual place. You can call it writers block or ‘being unproductive’—but either way—there are common reasons why we get stuck.

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Getting the RIGHT things done

Do you struggle getting the right things done? Do you find yourself playing catch up because you poured too much of your peak energy into something that could have waited? It happens to many creatives. You could use M.I.T. to be more productive.

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New Concept in Social Media Freelancing

You would probably agree that businesses and organizations need regular social media updates to keep their public image alive. You’d also agree it’s difficult to publish content consistently. This issue causes business owners to contract out the hard part of social media: the content. That’s where you come in—the social media freelancer.

You, the social media freelancer solve their problem. You know the social world better than they do and you can get paid doing something you love. Hang in here with me—there’s a free eBook at the end—but I want you to play along for a minute.

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