Solve your email checking problem once and for all

Do you have the tendency to check your email inbox too often? Do you get moments of anxiety when you haven’t checked for a while, and feel you should be checking right now?

I sometimes feel the urge to check email a few times throughout the day. When my inbox is clear, I’m relaxed and mentally available. So if I can guarantee nothing is waiting for me, I feel less stressed out by giving the ol’ inbox a quick refresh.

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16 Lessons You Can Learn From Disney’s 2017 Fireworks Show

Disney has been regarded as a company businesses and organizations can learn from for years. Their commitment to excellence, people, and success provide valuable lessons to both free-agents and Fortune 500 companies. After watching behind-the-scenes footage of their new fireworks show, I couldn’t help but rewatch a few times.

I took my first to Disney World in 2016 and was blown away by the guest-first attitude. I especially enjoyed the fireworks and the show “Wishes.” On February 9, 2017, Disney Parks Blog announced its new firework show “Happily Ever After” will replace “Wishes.” As sad as I am to see Wishes go, I’m looking forward to seeing the new. The announcement video gives us a peek into how the new music was recorded, and how the Disney team works together to make magic possible.

This post highlights 16 things I noticed about the making of Disney’s new firework show. I’m writing this because I love Disney. (I’m not paid or claim to own anything Disney — just sharing some thoughts to encourage you to make great art!)

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5 ways to overcome content overload

You spend a lot of time reading and watching content online. New blog posts, podcasts, articles, and email ALWAYS seem to be coming your way. Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed?

Maybe something like this has happened to you

You check your email hoping to get real work done. An email comes in from something you signed up for. There’s a link to a catchy article or video. You convince yourself this is “work” because it’s going to deepen your personal understanding of the content.

I need this article,” you tell yourself. You dig deeper.

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