How social media forces businesses to be content creators

Cre­at­ing con­tent has become a pret­ty impor­tant skill for busi­ness­es these days. Com­pa­nies know they need a social media pres­ence because that’s what mil­lions of peo­ple see dai­ly. But the prob­lem is most busi­ness­es are not designed to pump out con­tent. The result?

The result is bad con­tent. Social media plat­forms have basi­cal­ly forced busi­ness­es to be con­tent cre­ators, whether they’re good at it or not. So some do an excel­lent job at cre­at­ing con­tent, while oth­ers mere­ly pub­lish “social media posts” that don’t serve the busi­ness in the long run.

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Why is there so much mediocre content?

There’s a lot of con­tent on the web right now. Even though there’s enough to watch and read for weeks, new con­tent is guar­an­teed to show up in the next 24 hours. I’m afraid though, that most peo­ple aren’t giv­ing con­tent-mak­ing their all.

Yeah, I know there’s some pret­ty amaz­ing chan­nels on YouTube and some great blogs avail­able for free—but, in terms of new con­tent being pub­lished and post­ed, there seems to be more mediocre new con­tent than good new con­tent.

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Introducing the newest ideas in storytelling

Have you ever noticed how often dig­i­tal plat­forms encour­age you to share your sto­ry? You’ll find it every­where. But are peo­ple real­ly emp­ty ves­sels wait­ing to be poured a serv­ing sto­ries?

Like you, I spend a lot of time using the inter­net to find things that inter­est me. I shop online—maybe too much—and I’m inter­est­ed in what oth­er peo­ple have to say about art, music, writ­ing, and tech.

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So you want to make a video, huh?

So, you want to make a video for your web­site or social media? Great! You’ve rec­og­nized that video con­tent on the web is one of the best ways to reach peo­ple with your mes­sage. You’ve real­ized that videos have the pow­er to con­nect and touch peo­ple.
[fea­tured-image single_newwindow=“false”] But most videos fail to do this. And worse: no one wants to watch anoth­er video with a bor­ing talk­ing head recit­ing a stale mis­sion state­ment. 
Who got time for that? Ain’t nobody!

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