The new app trap

6 ways to avoid falling behind when a new app comes your way

New app comes out. Boom. Want it. No, NEED it. Gotta have it. Price? Doesn’t matter. How have I ever lived without this?

New apps are constantly being released. It can be overwhelming to track what’s out there. Whether it’s for your smart phone or computer, there’s always something new and updated with improvements and features to make our lives supposedly better. So, I wonder: do you ever feel your current setup isn’t good enough?

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. And it’s my own fault. I purposefully stay up-to-date with new stuff. I peruse the App Store every week for anything trending or noteworthy. I want the best tools and don’t want to fall behind the pack.

Should content creators binge-watch? HECK YES. Here’s why…

How “strategic binging” can help you do better creative work

Everyone with an internet connection is familiar with binge-watching. However, it’s usually associated with inefficiency and laziness. But what if binge-watching was a creative productivity tool?

As someone always looking to improve my creative output, I search for ways to DO better work. I think binge-watching is an excellent “utility” for any writer, podcaster, or video personality, if planned and executed properly.

Keep things in a trusted place

The secret to getting your stolen time back

Have you ever fallen into this trap: You’re lying awake in bed, scrolling on your phone, hooked on a piece of content. You know you need to go to bed and when you look at the clock, it’s way past your bed time…

If I’m honest, this has happens to me too often. I’ve stayed up past midnight more than once reading, watching, or listening to great content. I’ve been wondering what should I do with content I want to read, watch, and hear—but simply don’t have time for? There will always be plenty to consume.

Here’s Why I Ignored Your Text

Whether you’re the culprit of ignoring texts or the victim of being ignored—I get it. Unanswered text messages don’t make you feel good.

I’m writing this post because I have many, many texts I haven’t replied to. I’m not sure what people think who I’ve left hanging, but I hope this post will reveal what goes on when you haven’t heard from me.

5 ways my dog makes me more productive

Meet Teddy. He's an 8-pound, super soft and really cute toy poodle. He loves chasing his tail, laying on laps, giving kisses, and taking naps. His secret weapon? Helping me be more productive.

I didn’t grow up with a dog or other animals. So when my wife brought up the idea of bringing home a puppy, I wasn’t super excited. But last fall, Teddy joined our family, and I had no idea he’d change my life for the better.

Benefits of listening to music while you work

Listening to the right music while working has been a tremendous productivity booster for me over the past few years. I have found myself more focused, energized, and optimistic—which allows me to get more done—and keeps me feeling relaxed and present.

While I understand there are musical anhedonics (people who are completely unaffected by music), a 2014 study shows that “the vast majority of human populations find [music] pleasurable.” (Mas-Herrero et al., Current Biology)

The Best Pens for Writing in the Bible

If you're afraid to write in your Bible, don't worry. That's normal. For years, I couldn't fathom marking up “THE BIBLE” but I'm convinced it's the best way to read.

Marking up the text keeps my concentration high. I can see connections more clearly and my focus stays on the page, instead of Twitter or Facebook. When you're ready to write in your Bible, you may notice “typical pens” will either rip the page, or bleed through, making the opposite page hard to read. That's why I purchased a set of Micron .20mm pens.