Who is your replacement

You may be just walking into your role as a leader or maybe you’ve been at this for a while. The best leaders are always thinking forward to how they can make themselves replaceable. If you know you your replacement might be… What responsibilities or projects could you delegate to them sometime soon?  How might […]

Giving authority away

Check out this awesome quote from Craig Groeschel: “When you delegate tasks you create followers. When you delegate authority, you create leaders.” Delegating tasks looks like people “helping you” to get something done. This results in followers. You have the authority—they have an action item. However, when you give away authority, you give someone else the ability to make decisions on […]

“Excellence is your next email”

In an interview with Daniel Pink, leadership guru Tom Peters says “excellence is your next email.” Peters is known for saying, “Excellence is the next five minutes.” That’s true, too. The point of his comment is that it’s common to believe excellence is some huge kind of feat. In other words, our default is to […]