Change your behavior on these dates

If you’ve ever wondered the best time to start a new habit, it turns out there is a magical quality to beginning on certain dates. Which ones? According to the research, these dates are called temporal landmarks can help you get a fresh start quickly. No need to wait until January 1 of the next […]

Before-we-start agreements

It can be so easy to jump in to a task, a job, or project. However, this can create issues. Have you ever been far along in a project and realize you wish you could go back to the beginning and set up an agreement that would allow you to work better? Maybe you’re wishing […]

Decide to focus

  • You must make a choice to focus your attention on something specific.
  • If you don’t choose to focus, someone else will — or you will be driven by the what’s current and catastrophes.
  • The best leaders and thinkers are disciplined about focusing daily.

The Green Stamp

In your organization, business, or life, who has the green stamp? The green stamp is the special “mark of approval” required to move forward with something important. The green ink isn’t so important. It’s the stamp itself — and who has it. Usually, we skip the step to figure out WHO has the green stamp […]