Why Type Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Typography is one of my favorite things. I love looking at type, reading about fonts, and studying layout. But type doesn’t matter anymore. Type doesn’t matter any more because it’s no longer about type and all about the writer. And honestly, that’s a real shame.

Should content creators binge-watch? HECK YES. Here’s why…

Everyone with an internet connection is familiar with binge-watching. However, it’s usually associated with inefficiency and laziness. But what if binge-watching was a creative productivity tool? As someone always looking to improve my creative output, I search for ways to DO better work. I think binge-watching is an excellent “utility” for any writer, podcaster, or […]

Why is there so much mediocre content?

There’s a lot of content on the web right now. Even though there’s enough to watch and read for weeks, new content is guaranteed to show up in the next 24 hours. I’m afraid though, that most people aren’t giving content-making their all. Yeah, I know there’s some pretty amazing channels on YouTube and some […]

Quit thinking outside of the box

Growing up, I was taught to think outside of the box. I have no issue with big picture thinking, but I have quit thinking outside the box. I’ve traded it for something better.

5 ways to overcome content overload

You spend a lot of time reading and watching content online. New blog posts, podcasts, articles, and email ALWAYS seem to be coming your way. Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? Maybe something like this has happened to you You check your email hoping to get real work done. An email comes in from something you signed up for. There’s […]