Keyboard shortcuts are excellent investments

Like any learnable skill, it takes practice to figure out how they work. However, there’s an exponential benefit of learning your favorite applications shortcuts or setting up custom ones for yourself. It is an investment when you choose to learn an application’s keyboard shortcuts. You will reach a point where you see a return on […]

Behavior: getting from pointless to purposeful

Pointlessness. I hate it. Don’t you? I bet that you, just like me, have had pointless experiences. Pointless meetings. Pointless texts. Pointless phone calls. Pointless conversations. We can be tempted to say, “yeah, but even thru the pointless experiences, you can find meaning!” Or we might say, “even when things seem POINTLESS, there’s a bigger […]

Core principles

We all operate with a set of core principles and commitments. Some of us are aware of what they are, others haven’t defined them yet. Whether they’re written down and “defined” or not, they still exist. They just might be in the dark. A bright light can help. Shining light in a certain area exposes […]