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If you’re like most people in my network, you’re highly motivated. You pay attention to details and you're objective. You have a desire to learn new things. You’re productive. You strive to be on the leading-edge, but study the past. You admire people who can make things happen. You love great content.

But there’s a problem

You know you should be creating content, too. But not any kind of content. You want to make good content. You may want to create a video series, record a podcast, write a book, or just get your work online. But you know the web is crowded, and it's going to be tough to earn trust.

You run into issues implementing everything you have learned. You know a lot of great strategies, you've read lots of great content, but find it difficult to see it played out in your own life & business. You get stuck, discouraged, and you feel you're not meeting the goals.

Do any of these items resonate with you?

Seriously, take a second to think deeply:

  • I have or want to produce content for my work
  • I have or want to make videos for my work
  • I have to write things for work
  • Do you listen and watch a lot of good content?
  • Do you ever think I need to make something like this blog, podcast, whatever
  • I'll record my podcast . . . tomorrow
  • Do you feel that creating content takes too much time & isn’t worth the return?
  • Do you delegate ‘content tasks' to others?

If so, you’re not alone. Many creative people—like yourself—feel this way.

I Know These Feelings, Too

I know what it’s like to be surrounded by insanely great content (a lot of it for free or low cost), and feel like I’ll never be able to make anything half as good. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by new software, stressed about learning something completely foreign.

I also know what it feels like to look at bad content and know I could make stuff a whole lot better. That's why I've started this blog. I want to see better content. And I know you're capable of making it.

For 6 years, I’ve been paid to make people's content public—only to realize it could have been better. I've posted statuses, tweets, articles, photos, podcasts and videos. The content could have been more useful; more better. I shipped stuff — but it didn’t have the same spark as the good content that inspired me.

Creating Better Content is here to stay

As a free agent and owner of two small businesses, I have faced this reality: creating content will be on my action items for the rest of my life, as well as anyone’s, who wants to make an impact or get noticed.

Content creating—writing articles and eBooks, filming videos, recording podcasts, editing photos, and keeping websites current—will be an in-demand skill for the next few decades. Maybe longer.

Reread that last paragraph and see if you agree.

Even when you finish updates to your website or edits to your latest piece of content—you will have to make changes or add new information sometime soon. NEW content will always be in demand.

Sure, technology will continue to make publishing and distribution easier and easier. However, the piece that will not become easier is creating real content that really resonates with actual human beings. Nobody wants robo-content. (I hate stuff that's fake!!—don't you?)

People can identify fake content quicker than it’s live, and people can tell when something is manufactured or forced. We don’t need more empty content. We need real people, real thoughts, real content. And that content needs to be aligned with a balanced, proven strategy to reach the right people at the right time.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

My mission is to help you follow through with your goal of becoming a thought leader, video maker, podcaster, advisor, blogger, and content creator. I want to encourage you to keep going, and give you strategies to get unstuck. I want to see your content…better, your podcast…better, your videos…better, your email content…better. Your content needs improvement; I want to empower you to make it honestly good.

Better content starts with you and how you think. Your thinking is the summation of the content you put in your head and how you filter information coming you way.

Better content starts with a deep understanding of story. When you start using story to understand yourself and the people taking-in your content, you become more effective in everything you do.

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More is on the way, I hope you will write me a comment and join the conversation.