Giving authority away

How leaders create opportunities for others to exercise their strengths
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Check out this awe­some quote from Craig Groeschel: “When you del­e­gate tasks you cre­ate fol­low­ers. When you del­e­gate author­i­ty, you cre­ate lead­ers.”

“When you del­e­gate tasks you cre­ate fol­low­ers. When you del­e­gate author­i­ty, you cre­ate lead­ers.” — Craig Groeschel .png 64.9 KB View full-size Down­load

Del­e­gat­ing tasks looks like peo­ple “help­ing you” to get some­thing done. This results in fol­low­ers. You have the authority—they have an action item.

How­ev­er, when you give away author­i­ty, you give some­one else the abil­i­ty to make deci­sions on their own, which allows them to step up a leader (yet you’re still the leader). 

Great teams of leaders create leaders.

In oth­er words, they’re not just on the team to ful­fill a task, but to pour into peo­ple.

Great leaders build better leaders and create opportunities for them to exercise their strengths

That means your role isn’t to just do a bunch of tasks and get things done — it’s to devel­op lead­ers on your team. There is prob­a­bly some­one in your sphere of influ­ence that you could “free up” to take own­er­ship of some­thing. Your job is to give them that oppor­tu­ni­ty. The way to do it is by giv­ing them author­i­ty, not tasks. 

Some questions to consider... 

  • Do you feel like you have the author­i­ty to make deci­sions in your role as a leader?
  • As a fol­low up to that first ques­tion, think of the peo­ple on your team. Do they feel like they have the author­i­ty to make deci­sions? (How can you help them to make sure they do?)
  • What are some upcom­ing projects where you can give some­one else the author­i­ty to car­ry out a project? (And not micro­man­age them!)
  • Are you build­ing a team of “helpers” or “lead­ers”? 

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