A cog in the system

Nobody wants to be a meaningless cog in the system.
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Nobody wants to be a mean­ing­less cog in the sys­tem.

It is reli­able. It gets the job done. It’s strong and doesn’t let its per­son­al­i­ty get in the way. It doesn’t com­plain. It sup­ports the sys­tem and the big­ger machine to pro­duce a man­u­fac­tured end result. And it works — over and over again.

In lead­er­ship, we DO have a lot of “sys­tems” — each of our teams have unique com­plex­i­ties and things to — but we do not want to treat or think of our team mem­bers as cogs in the sys­tem. 

Your role as a leader is to remind peo­ple that we’re not just doing a bunch of “things” but we’re a part of some­thing much big­ger than our selves. Love them when they don’t get the job done. Help them when they’re weak and their per­son­al­i­ty is spew­ing every­where. 

Don’t get me wrong: tasks need to get done and there must be a stan­dard of excel­lence.

Ques­tion to pon­der: How can you remind peo­ple that they’re not a cog and show them that they mat­ter?

What are ways we can love and lead peo­ple?

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