The Green Stamp

An approach to figure out who owns projects and actions
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In your orga­ni­za­tion, busi­ness, or life, who has the green stamp?

The green stamp is the spe­cial “mark of approval” required to move for­ward with some­thing impor­tant.

The green ink isn’t so impor­tant. It’s the stamp itself — and who has it.

Usu­al­ly, we skip the step to fig­ure out WHO has the green stamp and WHAT cri­te­ria is being used before its giv­en. So instead of doing the hard work to fig­ure out the WHO and WHAT, we walk around mak­ing deci­sions we thought we were allowed to make . . . only to fig­ure out we real­ly didn’t have the green stamp.

Some boss­es like to keep the green stamp locked up and out of sight because it gives them­selves a feel­ing of author­i­ty and con­trol. Great lead­ers give the green stamp away. They let oth­ers get things done based on cri­te­ria that makes sense for the project.

Your job — no mat­ter where you are in your orga­ni­za­tion — is 1) to fig­ure out who has the green stamp, 2) define the cri­te­ria, and 3) fig­ure out how you can give the green stamp away.

If our per­son­al pref­er­ences dri­ve every­thing we do, mas­sive growth can’t hap­pen.

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