Core principles

We all oper­ate with a set of core prin­ci­ples and com­mit­ments. Some of us are aware of what they are, oth­ers haven’t defined them yet.

Whether they’re writ­ten down and “defined” or not, they still exist. They just might be in the dark.

A bright light can help.

Shin­ing light in a cer­tain area expos­es what’s hid­den. Most of us have some­thing that’s in the dark: deep in our heads and hearts. And some peo­ple can walk around and be OK with all of that in the dark. Oth­ers go crazy.

The goal is to fig­ure out first what kind of per­son you are and how you best oper­ate. Then fig­ure out the peo­ple around you and how they best oper­ate.

If you need your core prin­ci­ples vis­i­ble, keep them vis­i­ble. If you don’t, then don’t wor­ry about it.