Create an irresistible eBook [Podcast Episode 9]

Have you ever been scrolling through social media and you see an offer for a FREE eBook download? Or you're on a website and you get a pop-up to download a FREE GUIDE. Do these still work?

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1. Compelling cover

  • Use color that grabs attention
  • Use large type and keep it simple

2. Table of contents

  • Provide a map
  • Link to chapters

3. Large chapter titles

  • Make it clear that a new chapter/section is starting
  • Use a thin typeface when using large fonts

4. Bold headings

  • Use lots of headings to make the text scannable
  • Use questions in your headings to be more persuasive

5. Short paragraphs

  • Don't let them go on and on
  • State the main point up front

6. Plain language

  • Use simple words to describe complex things
  • Refer to the link below from