Quest for the best [Podcast Episode 2]

Have you ever felt better because you simply wrote things out instead of storing them only in your head?

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What's the best medium to use for my content?

  • We all want the best
  • Everyone has different learning styles and preferences
  • Writing, listening, and watching are the main mediums
  • Blog, podcast, and video — try to hit everyone
  • Pick the medium that is easiest for you to create

“Brains are for having ideas, not holding them” David Allen

  • When your life is chaotic, it's hard to be creative.
  • Get stuff out of your head
  • You don't have to run the world!

Use a single idea to make your content strong

  • Break things down into smaller pieces
  • Convey one idea at a time
  • Explain things step-by-step
  • We need to work hard so our readers don't have to
  • Let's whisper instead of screaming at people
  • Rely on the strength of singularity
  • Use deductive structure which means main point FIRST

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