7 reasons I love working from home

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Although I have an office space, I work from home a lot and I love it. Here are 7 rea­sons why I love to work from home.

1. Less interruptions

Cur­rent­ly, I do not have chil­dren. So, I guess I have it easy. But some­times when I work in my office or in pub­lic, I get inter­rupt­ed. And that’s OK. Part of the rea­son I work from my office space is to be avail­able for con­ver­sa­tions and ques­tions through­out the day.

When I’m home, how­ev­er, that’s dif­fer­ent.

I have bet­ter con­trol over who can pop-in and start talk­ing to me. I can leave my phone in my bed­room and work from the din­ing room for hours with­out being dis­tract­ed or inter­rupt­ed by calls, texts, or pings. This allows me to focus and get things done.

2. Cleanliness

I enjoy when things are clean. When I get stumped by a prob­lem I’m work­ing on, some­times I will vac­u­um, wipe down coun­ters, do the dish­es, or clean the bath­room. This not only helps me unwind, but it gives me a burst of hap­pi­ness because I real­ly enjoy when things are clean, neat, and tidy.

3. Smell

I love when a room smells good (but not too strong). At home, I can burn dif­fer­ent scent­ed can­dles when I real­ly want to focus.

Some­times I will burn dif­fer­ent “fla­vors” through­out the house. (This works for me because I move around when I work. I like dif­fer­ent envi­ron­ments.) When I’m upstairs it might smell like vanil­la and cin­na­mon and when I head down­stairs it might smell like but­ter­scotch and caramel. The dif­fer­ent scents are like a lit­tle sur­prise that keep me alert and cre­ative.

4. Temperature

In my expe­ri­ence, tem­per­a­ture of a giv­en room mas­sive­ly impacts my per­for­mance. When I’m home I can set the tem­per­a­ture to be opti­mal to get work done.

In the win­ter, if I don’t want to run the heat, my clos­et is only a few steps away, which makes it easy to be com­fort­able while I work.

5. Lighting

I real­ly hate flu­o­res­cent, cold, ster­ile lights. At home, I have a few win­dows I enjoy work­ing by — and the nat­ur­al light helps my mood.

I also enjoy the soft, warm col­or of the lamps in my house (like in the liv­ing room). This “mel­low” vibe feels more relaxed and easy-going, which is more of my per­son­al­i­ty. When I feel more like myself, I do bet­ter work.

6. Internet speed/connectivity

At my cur­rent house, we have very reli­able, fast inter­net. I some­times for­get how much of a bless­ing this is. It works so well and I almost nev­er have prob­lems.

Some­times when I am not able to upload some­thing from my work­place, I bring it home to upload, and it works per­fect­ly. The ben­e­fit of work­ing from home means I always have the best inter­net avail­able and I don’t even have to think about it.

7. Music/Sound

This is maybe the most impor­tant one on this list. I love music. I love it at all vol­umes. Some­times I need a few min­utes of LOUD music to pump me up. Oth­er times I like super soft muzak to exist as “white noise.”

At home, I can tune it to whichev­er vol­ume and focus on my work, which is the point.

I use music strate­gi­cal­ly through­out the day. In pub­lic, loud music isn’t accept­able unless you’re at a con­cert or event. But loud music in the pri­va­cy of my own house works pret­ty well, keeps my spir­its high, and my work sus­tained.

[reminder]If you work from home, what do you enjoy about it?[/reminder]

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