7 reasons I love working from home

Although I have an office space, I work from home a lot and I love it. Here are 7 reasons why I love to work from home.

1. Less interruptions

Currently, I do not have children. So, I guess I have it easy. But sometimes when I work in my office or in public, I get interrupted. And that’s OK. Part of the reason I work from my office space is to be available for conversations and questions throughout the day.

When I’m home, however, that’s different.

I have better control over who can pop-in and start talking to me. I can leave my phone in my bedroom and work from the dining room for hours without being distracted or interrupted by calls, texts, or pings. This allows me to focus and get things done.

2. Cleanliness

I enjoy when things are clean. When I get stumped by a problem I’m working on, sometimes I will vacuum, wipe down counters, do the dishes, or clean the bathroom. This not only helps me unwind, but it gives me a burst of happiness because I really enjoy when things are clean, neat, and tidy.

3. Smell

I love when a room smells good (but not too strong). At home, I can burn different scented candles when I really want to focus.

Sometimes I will burn different “flavors” throughout the house. (This works for me because I move around when I work. I like different environments.) When I’m upstairs it might smell like vanilla and cinnamon and when I head downstairs it might smell like butterscotch and caramel. The different scents are like a little surprise that keep me alert and creative.

4. Temperature

In my experience, temperature of a given room massively impacts my performance. When I’m home I can set the temperature to be optimal to get work done.

In the winter, if I don’t want to run the heat, my closet is only a few steps away, which makes it easy to be comfortable while I work.

5. Lighting

I really hate fluorescent, cold, sterile lights. At home, I have a few windows I enjoy working by — and the natural light helps my mood.

I also enjoy the soft, warm color of the lamps in my house (like in the living room). This “mellow” vibe feels more relaxed and easy-going, which is more of my personality. When I feel more like myself, I do better work.

6. Internet speed/connectivity

At my current house, we have very reliable, fast internet. I sometimes forget how much of a blessing this is. It works so well and I almost never have problems.

Sometimes when I am not able to upload something from my workplace, I bring it home to upload, and it works perfectly. The benefit of working from home means I always have the best internet available and I don’t even have to think about it.

7. Music/Sound

This is maybe the most important one on this list. I love music. I love it at all volumes. Sometimes I need a few minutes of LOUD music to pump me up. Other times I like super soft muzak to exist as “white noise.”

At home, I can tune it to whichever volume and focus on my work, which is the point.

I use music strategically throughout the day. In public, loud music isn’t acceptable unless you’re at a concert or event. But loud music in the privacy of my own house works pretty well, keeps my spirits high, and my work sustained.

[reminder]If you work from home, what do you enjoy about it?[/reminder]