The Best Pens for Writing in the Bible

If you're afraid to write in your Bible, don't worry. That's normal. For years, I couldn't fathom marking up “THE BIBLE” but I'm convinced it's the best way to read.

Marking up the text keeps my concentration high. I can see connections more clearly and my focus stays on the page, instead of Twitter or Facebook. When you're ready to write in your Bible, you may notice “typical pens” will either rip the page, or bleed through, making the opposite page hard to read. That's why I purchased a set of Micron .20mm pens.

Benefits of the Micron Pen

  • The tip has a super fine point, making it easy to write in small places.
  • The ink is “archival” which means it won't fade over years and through seasons (change in temperature)
  • It doesn't bleed through the pages.

Great for underlining…and more

In this photo, you're looking at my ESV Omega Thinline Bible. The pages are super thin and delicate. The Micron glides across the page and the colors are vibrant. (Scroll to the next image to see how it doesn't bleed thru.)

The following photo is the back of the page you just saw. You can slightly see the colors from the opposite page, but it doesn't bleed, which allows the text to maintain its readability.

If you want to try writing in your Bible, I highly recommend these pens. Get them on amazon here.[reminder comment=”You can let me know in the comments by clicking here.”]Do you write in your Bible? If not, why? If you do, what do you use?[/reminder]