New Concept in Social Media Freelancing

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You would prob­a­bly agree that busi­ness­es and orga­ni­za­tions need reg­u­lar social media updates to keep their pub­lic image alive. You’d also agree it’s dif­fi­cult to pub­lish con­tent con­sis­tent­ly. This issue caus­es busi­ness own­ers to con­tract out the hard part of social media: the con­tent. That’s where you come in—the social media free­lancer.

You, the social media free­lancer solve their prob­lem. You know the social world bet­ter than they do and you can get paid doing some­thing you love. Hang in here with me—there’s a free eBook at the end—but I want you to play along for a minute.

Does your social freelance career sound anything like this?

You get into it because you real­ize you can get paid to make stuff for Face­book & Insta­gram. You’re famil­iar with the “social lan­guage.” You know what shares well. You know what doesn’t.

You fig­ure out how to boost posts and run spon­sored con­tent. (It’s not that hard!) But you reach a place where you wish you sim­ply knew more about the busi­ness. You wish you had more sto­ries, more con­tent, more infor­ma­tion.

You’re hes­i­tant to charge for “learn­ing” about the busi­ness (research­ing the busi­ness) because is that real­ly “work?”

So, you do what you can for as long as you can. You sched­ule meet­ings, phone calls, con­fer­ence calls. You send email, ask for more con­tent you can post. You repost stuff until you get a response. Have you ever run into this prob­lem? Get­ting paid to do some­thing that doesn’t seem to be work­ing?

The problem with social media freelancing

There are a cou­ple of prob­lems with social free­lanc­ing I want to address:

  1. Your prob­lem doing the work
  2. Your client’s mis­un­der­stand­ings

1. Your problem with doing the work: you need more info to post relevant content

When doing social media for oth­ers, you reach a point when you wish you sim­ply knew more. You have ques­tions your client doesn’t have time to answer. You ask for them to send you pic­tures, but they don’t look the way they need to for social. You’re frus­trat­ed you’re not an insid­er.

[share­able cite=“Josh Mitchell”]When doing social media for oth­ers, you reach a point when you wish you sim­ply knew more.[/shareable]

You need bet­ter com­mu­ni­ca­tion to do your job. If you don’t get exact­ly what you need when you need it, your job is hard­er than it needs to be.

In sum­ma­ry: you need CONTENT in your client’s “voice,” and have trou­ble cre­at­ing it with­out inside help.

2. The business owner’s misunderstandings

A. Try­ing to cor­re­late social suc­cess with sales
Your client—the busi­ness owner—thinks they need ‘social media,’ because that’s what all the kids seem to be into these days. They have a faint under­stand­ing of the social media world. They know just enough to dri­ve you crazy.

They have incor­rect­ly addressed their prob­lem. They’re try­ing to close­ly cor­re­late busi­ness sales/profit with suc­cess on social. Sure, being on social media COULD even­tu­al­ly lead to sales, but this shouldn’t be the main objec­tive in pur­su­ing a social media “strat­e­gy.”

B. Think­ing they NEED POSTSASAP!! (instead of deep sto­ries)
Some of your clients may not strug­gle with the sales/profit prob­lem. They under­stand that social is about gath­er­ing your ‘tribe’ (thanks, Seth Godin).

But they suf­fer from “I Need Posts Right Now Syn­drome.” They want you to start post­ing stuff ASAP. This mis­un­der­stand­ing caus­es you to feel like a slave. This is when you start to burn out. You’re try­ing to do things at the client’s beck and call.

There’s a better way to approach your social freelance career

Have you ever felt like you’re not earn­ing the respect you deserve and enough income to keep the lights on? This is a com­mon prob­lem for those doing cre­ative work. You feel like you don’t have respect because you’re a “slave to the client.”

The cure is approach­ing your free­lanc­ing dif­fer­ent­ly. The cure starts with tak­ing a step back. Rather than being a social media “expert” or “man­ag­er” or “adver­tis­er,” you’re now a Social Explor­er.

Have you considered CHARGING to ‘explore?’

Research and devel­op­ment is a stan­dard prac­tice in busi­ness. And it’s not free. Yet when it comes to social media, clients assume they need to see lots of posts to jus­ti­fy your invoice.

With­out tak­ing the time to prop­er­ly research what a busi­ness REALLY needs, how can you cre­ate great sto­ries and con­tent to share with peo­ple?

You must explore first—while also get­ting paid—before you post con­tent and pro­pose strate­gies.

Make Money Being a Social Explorer

In my eBook Make Mon­ey Being a Social Explor­er, I explain how you can solve your free­lance woes once and for all.

I explain why you should charge some­one to explore their prob­lem BEFORE you pro­pose solu­tions. You will dis­cov­er how to...

  • Earn respect with your cur­rent and future clients
  • Earn more trust and loy­al­ty with the peo­ple who pay you
  • Get bet­ter tes­ti­monies when projects are com­plete
  • Posi­tion your­self as a thought-leader
  • A chance to dis­cov­er hid­den truths in busi­ness­es
  • The oppor­tu­ni­ty to say NO if it’s not a good fit
  • Time for NEW, authen­tic ideas to come to your head
  • A chance to demon­strate your crit­i­cal think­ing and rea­son­ing skills

There’s only one way to get it: by sub­scrib­ing to my email list.

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